Polish Dryer "Speed Dry 200AX"

Polish Dryer «Speed Dry 200AX»


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Κωδικός: 320000221 Κατηγορία: Κατόπιν παραγγελίας - Παράδοση σε 10 ημέρες

This short-wave infrared dryer has been specially developed for fast and effective drying of surfacers, primers and paints on small areas (spot repair).
• Short wave infrared emitters from high quality quartz tubes (ruby red) with a lifespan of 5000-7000 hours.
• Quartz glass is very pure and provides good transmission and temperature resistance
• The newly designed aluminum «Locking system» allows precise and easy alignment of the radiator
• The «Digital Control System» allows the precise adjustment of heating and drying time (200A ONLY)
• Integrated mechanical timer (0-99 min adjustable)
• Stable aluminum construction
• Evaporation / pre-drying («Pulse») function
• Power supply: 230V AC
• Power: 2 x 2000 W
• Timer: 0-60 min (mechanically adjustable)
• Heating capacity: 30 x 100% (electronically adjustable)
• Drying surface: 800 x 800 mm
• Weight: 22 kg
• Size: 580 x 500 x 1680 mm

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